quinta-feira, 14 de fevereiro de 2008

Brazilian economy reasonably detached from external market

Brazilian economy is detaching from the external market. This is a fact.
Some years ago, any external turbulence happened in the external market would fall like a tsunami over Brazilian economy. It used to impact the stock exchanges, commerce, industry, services, etc.
Nowadays Brazil has a very strong currency, pays all its debits, has a very profitable stock market, developed managing techniques and capable professionals, what was very rare some years ago.
An evidence of this detachment could be clearly seen in the beggining of this year, with the results of some major players in banking market. The major one, Bradesco, is now worth more than Merril Lynch.
What is so amazing about that? As American banks' results were mostly covered with losses, Brazilian banks are overcoming historical profit records. It proves that, even with the world's greatest buyer in crisis, Brazilian economy have not got reasons to worry, but only to celebrate.
Advisors all around the world agree that Brazil is a very good place to invest. It may not be as profitable as Asia, but it is far safer.

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