sexta-feira, 15 de fevereiro de 2008

Paulo Coelho - The Marketing Wizard

Piracy is something that scares to death any movie maker, musician or book publisher around the world. But not Paulo Coelho.
Known as the Wizard, this writer has his books translated into many different languages, which made him famous in the four corners of the Earth.
10 years ago, he decided to distribute his books on the Internet for free, so that they could be read by more people.
The most difficult issue, according to him, was to fight against publishers and copyright laws, which forbid this kind of action.
He translated his books into many languages and released them officially on the web, so that anyone could download it.
The most important question is: why has he done that? Why would people buy his books if they could read it for free on the Internet. Numbers speak for themselves.
In Russia, for example, Coelho sold 1000 books before the initiative. After having his book translated in Russian and distributed online, this number raised to 100000.
He says that the main issue for writers is not piracy, but not being known. And that is, for sure, a problem he is definitely not facing right now.

quinta-feira, 14 de fevereiro de 2008

Brazilian economy reasonably detached from external market

Brazilian economy is detaching from the external market. This is a fact.
Some years ago, any external turbulence happened in the external market would fall like a tsunami over Brazilian economy. It used to impact the stock exchanges, commerce, industry, services, etc.
Nowadays Brazil has a very strong currency, pays all its debits, has a very profitable stock market, developed managing techniques and capable professionals, what was very rare some years ago.
An evidence of this detachment could be clearly seen in the beggining of this year, with the results of some major players in banking market. The major one, Bradesco, is now worth more than Merril Lynch.
What is so amazing about that? As American banks' results were mostly covered with losses, Brazilian banks are overcoming historical profit records. It proves that, even with the world's greatest buyer in crisis, Brazilian economy have not got reasons to worry, but only to celebrate.
Advisors all around the world agree that Brazil is a very good place to invest. It may not be as profitable as Asia, but it is far safer.

quarta-feira, 13 de fevereiro de 2008

How to become famous

Yes, you read that! I will really give you the secret to be famous, even though I'm not famous myself.
Nowadays, multimedia resources are reasonably cheaper and their accesses are much easier than they were some years ago. Most people nowadays, regardless their social class, can make movies, record songs and even broadcast them anytime and anywhere through their mobile phones. The quality of the image and sound is raising and the prices of devices falling.
Other multimedia devices such as digital cameras and powerful soundcards are offering full HD quality for videos and allows people to make the sound of a whole band by themselves with their computers.
Think of how many local bands or internet stars you know. Think of how many non-talented people have become famous recently on the web just by daring to do something.
Based on that, I can suggest the following tips to become a local celebrity:

1 - You should have the right device for your target market. If you want to become a famous actor or comedian, you should have a video camera. In case you are a musician and wants to get famous, you should have a good computer, sound card and some input instruments or synthetizer. For other than that, follow the thought.

2 - You should be at least a tiny little bit talented. In case you're not, an overload of special effects and correction softwares won't help you very long;

3 - You should have something different. If you sound like consolidated artists, it is not likely that you will attract attention from people.

If you can fulfill all the requirements above, plus some effort, you can get a spot under the sun. Remember: In the times of free or nearly free media, the huge mass celebrities from the 90's have been being replaced by the local ones.