quinta-feira, 24 de janeiro de 2008

There is a pot of gold in the end of "In Rainbows"

Last year, the band Radiohead release the whole album "In Rainbows"on their webpage, where fans could download it and pay what they wanted for it. If you wanted it for free, you could get it.
The band did not publish how much they earned with it, but they probably got a very good profit, as everyone knew about that.
The most curious fact is that, when they release the physical record, it reached the top of UK and US charts, putting in doubt the importance of record labels for the whole process, instead of using a company only for production and distribution.
And it's not only Radiohead that is making money this way. Another band did an experiment quite like that.
Nine Inch Nails released their last album ("The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of Niggy Tardust), for free (in medium quality mp3) or pay $5 (for a high quality mp3). Nearly 30000 people paid for the high quality version, so the band got, so far, an income of nearly $150000. That's considerably more than they made with their previous album, what made them richer and their songs much more known, as a lot more people also downloaded the medium quality version.
But if you think that online marketing for music only works with well-known bands, you are mistaken!
In 2006, a band called OK Go, with a home made Videoclip called "Here it goes again", which was published on the web by accident, got more than 500000 downloads in less than a month, and it was seen more than some million times on Youtube.
The most unbelievable fact was that they won a Grammy in 2007 as best videoclip! How incredible it is for a home made video of an independent band, which did not have a label when released it, winning the most important worldwide music awards?
Open your eyes for brand new marketing strategies that are not only coming, but are already consolidated among us!

OK Go - Here it goes again: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pv5zWaTEVkI

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Daniel Conte disse...

That's a promisse that i've made when i was a child: someday i'll be famous singer!
Believe me! I'll will be!!!
Big ideas become big business!!!